Can You Help?
Amitabha Chatterjee Stavanger Hjelp befolkningen i Syria!

Can You Help?

Hi Possibly you have already contributed, but if you haven't, please consider this. Watch this video that explains the Syrian crisis in simple and balanced terms, or make you own search. While sending money, a key question that comes up is "What are the best channels that can ensure the money reaches where it can help best?" I tried searching this up, and decided this was a good one. The transfer is done to an organization inside Norway, which has been credited for it's good work. While I went into their website to make a contribution, I came across this button labelled 'start collection' and it led me to this page. I admit - I was somewhat hesitant (even embarrassed) when I realized the intent of this page - it wanted me to send out a mail like this. I have never done so before. But here I am, doing what I never thought I would. We talk so much about the Syrian refugee crisis, yet we remain within the security of our own lives (or the smaller insecurities that exist in it), without doing anything. We are perhaps fortunate to be where we are, and the Syrian refugees have just been unfortunate to be living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Search up the internet on how the countries around Syria are absorbing millions of refugees - this is a good starting source: A collection is the easiest, safest way in which we, people living sheltered lives, can contribute - let us do it. You also get the Norwegian tax break on donations. Better still, start your own collection. regards, Amitabha Chatterjee

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Target: 10,000 kr
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Can You Help?
Amitabha Chatterjee
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