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Background WAAMO HEALTH CARE ORG was initiated in August 2011 after prominent young professional from Jubba regions who lives Norway, Kenya and Somalia discussed the need of forming an Organization to respond the vulnerability of the people. Vision The vision of WAAMO HEALTH CARE is to restore peace and stability of Juba regions of Somalia so that it is possible to assist the people living in this area in meeting their basic social amenities. WAAMO HEALTH CARE is a humanitarian organization that aims to help people in need regardless off background, religion or political affiliation. Mission To improve, enhance and positively transform development in the sectors of Education, health, water and sanitation through initiating projects that lead to the promotion of the Livelihoods of the people Objectives The Primary objective of WAAMO HEALTH CARE is to promote and upgrade the standard of living of the inhabitants of Juba regions of Somalia by providing the basic services necessary to maintain life such us: Health and Nutrition programs Water and sanitation Peace promotion Education Environmental preservation Emergency programs Somalia has been a country of civil war and internal conflicts for over 25 years. During the civil war, many innocent people were killed and many suffered permanent injuries for life. In Somalia are currently several thousands of people with congenital disability or disability due to injuries. People with disabilities in Somalia do not get the follow-up they need in terms of health and education. Children and adults with disabilities are often abandoned, forgotten, or discriminated against when it comes to good distribution in society. Adults, Adolescents, Children with functional impairment that cannot be regular school do not get special schools that can give them adapted education. On this basis Waamo healthcare that it is time that people with functional disabilities also get the follow-ups in needs for education and health. Establishing Waamo care center Waamo care activity and education center for the people with disability. The center will provide people with disabilities the following: Free facilitated education Facilitated work trening Assist people with disabilities by emergency situations like illness and others. Ensures that needs people with functional inhibition being taken by seriously by authorities • Project goal To promote well-being and the basic rights to life with dignity of persons with disabilities in Kismayo and areas around. • Objectives of the project and Indicators Specific Objective 1 Targeted children with disabilities and youths (boys and girls), vulnerable persons of concerns (women and men) in Kismayo(Somalia) have access to basic rights and increasing self-reliance through sustainable livelihoods. Indicators • % increase in the Persons with disability (PWD) in the targeted areas living in adequate and dignified living conditions. • % increase in the number of youth (female and male between age 18-59 yrs) in the targeted area have sustainable livelihood opportunities

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